Art of Robin Jones

Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture, Music, Concepts

Titles, Dimensions, and Prices

2/48/72  $4000    2007

1/Sugar Mountain:  A store in Toronto where you can buy lots of sweets.

2/Kensington Market:  Another hot spot for vegan, fair-trade, and organic foods in T.O.

1/48/48  $3000     2004-11

1/Anonymous Portrait:  Pop art in the form of giant portraits from fashion photos.

1/72/36  $3000    2011

1/Women and the machines of fusion energy:  All renewable cities by 2150.

7/48/60  $3000

1/Evocative Colors:  A giant portrait of a model on a grid of color with surreal line.

2/Circles, Geometry, and Universal space/sept2010/The building blocks of life.

3/The crisis of the new age/july282010/A security guard watching.

4/Guitar, plant, and women in a loft/2009/A fashion model posing for a photo.

5/Three figures in autumn/2007-13/Three models for three weeks with six hours each.

6/Green Eyes/2009/Another giant portrait with surreal shapes calling.

7/Flying jazz dancers lead the way/nov232009/Near trinity bell woods park in T.O.

11/48/36 $2500

1/Coral sea fish/prior2000/A fish market in kensington market in T.O.

2/Sand storm Bass man/Mirrors and surrealism in a desert landscape portrait of a bass player.

3/Youth Against Suicide/2007K.D./Inspired to create hope and well being.

4/Bright beach in Mexico/2008/Very hot and excellent climate following butterfly flight paths.

5/Green cloud of a hurricane with a shape and numbers 8/2004/Surrealism series.

6/Female with skate board/2007-13/Worked on progressively over many years as part of a surrealist series.

7/Orange sky with giant bronze and numbers/2004-13/Surrealism series continued.

8/Pulsing Fusion Energy/2004/Surrealism continuum.

9/Midnight with full moon and fusion/2004aug/Shapes of surrealism series.

10/Shape with numbers at jupiters rings/fri8ap625pm/surrealism series.

11/Native Chief/2005-12/Large portrait with grid array of colors to describe light and shadow.

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