Art of Robin Jones

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Month: June, 2013

renewable residences

Visions of the year 2150

super-sonic jet wind turbine/ wheel turbine


X WING turbine

Various new works and details


Woman and the machines of fusion energy/ Daphane

Painted around the year 2011 the two 36 by 72 canvases were started close to each other.

Shapes, Geometry, and Universal space

With visions of Matta, Dali, and Tanguy, this surrealist work is 48/60 tall and painted in bright shocking day glow colors. The idea is to present alien landscapes which no human has seen before and to keep it forever.

Tatoo Model

This work was painted at ocadu university on the sixth floor with views of the whole northern part of Toronto over¬† a six hour session. The year was 2012 and weeks after the original session lots of surreal shapes were added to suggest an alien spiritual tribal nature. ¬† The nearly finished work is juxtapositioned […]

Gaye Boston(revisited)

Painted and displayed, this work was vandalized with tears to the picture, one of my most important works. Later repaired with shoe glue and reworked, “Gaye Boston” sold for $600.