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Category: Oil

This piece is based on a photograph of a great coffee shop in Kensington Market where I used frottage and photocopying to enlarge and trace the image to the canvas. I added a surreal detail of Jupiter and outer space being behind the ripped surface of the canvas

Universal space

 Universal Space 60é48 oil This large surreal painting has many different shapes and details with a colour scheme to suggest what it may be like in the depths of outer space.

Feeling Blue

 Feeling Blue 18é14 oil This portrait was painted in blue monochrome to suggest human emotion through colour with an attempt to make the painting look like the actual model.


Humanity 40é30 oil This painting is a study of the human male form with added line work and shape to suggest the complexity of life and what is unknown about the Universe.  

Three Figures contemplating the meaning of Life

Three figures contemplating the meaning of Life 2014 60é48 oil Three models posed for this picture for six hours each over three weeks and each model was painted a different colour background to suggest there relationship. Later, over many years surreal line work and shapes were added around the models to suggest the miracle and […]

The shifting sands of time mixed with water divine

The shifting sands of time mixed with water divine 2013 30é40 oil             After watching a challenge on ink master where everyone had to draw praying hands I decided to paint that motif after seeing a lighter with praying hands on it. This was meant to symbolize global warming and a prayer […]

Youth against suicide

Youth against suicide 2014 48é36 oil                 After hearing about a documentary about people jumping off bridges I decided to make this painting. Bridges can be designed so they are safe for anyone to travel. Also I found some Pop Art of the lady crouching by one of […]

Bass Player

Bass Player 2014 48é36 oil This is a self portrait of myself playing the bass with a reflection in the mirror at the studio. Surreal lines were draw over top of the image which move when viewed close to music to symbolize the sound of the wah-pedal.

Surreal Portrait

 Surreal Portrait 2014 60é48é2 oil This Pop Art painting took around 7 years to finish and underwent many stages of completion. The image was sampled from a fashion magazine and a renaissance grid technique was employed to draw the larger picture. Then dark blue lines were added over many years. A series of limited edition […]

Dawn in the age of Aquarius

Dawn in the Age of Aquarius 2014 30/40/2.5             The curtains to the stage opens to reveal a magical reality where a giant Koi Fish, symbol of good luck and long life and triumph over adversity swims over an aqueduct which is attached to an interior picture frame. In the […]