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Various new photos of work

IMAG1509-1 IMAG1439-1 IMAG1437 IMAG1438 IMAG1455 IMAG1392


IMAG1057IMAG1062IMAG1050 An example of

a commissioned


Wind turbine house and Oil painting in progress





IMAG0600 - CopyIMAG0604 - CopyIMAG0603 - Copy








One of the best of my house designs along with various angles of an oil painting design in progress as of july28 2013




New renewable house designs


These house designs would be for everyone and evenly spaced out across the lands











various new works and other details

IMAG0599IMAG0597IMAG0550IMAG0561IMAG0561      A large 75 50 painting was from a studio which discarded it.  This frame weighs about 50 pounds and is thick as well.  The art work is about various spirituality myth explored through visual culture.  Also, as well this work is different because color is used very little.  The title is Plants from inter-planetary sky hook upz and took about one week to finish








IMAG0583IMAG0585   Life keeps going so keep the gates

of mind garden open.

This piece is part 4 of a 4 part series

exploring surrealism of max ernst and frida kahlo.

These works are all 30/40 and done this year 2013.





IMAG0467   IMAG0595dec222012









Woman and the machines of fusion energy/ Daphane


DaffeneyPainted around the year 2011

the two 36 by 72 canvases were started

close to each other.

Shapes, Geometry, and Universal space


With visions of Matta, Dali, and Tanguy, this surrealist work

is 48/60 tall and painted in bright shocking day glow colors.

The idea is to present alien landscapes which no human has seen before

and to keep it forever.

Tatoo Model


This work was painted at ocadu university on the sixth floor with

views of the whole northern part of Toronto over  a six hour session.

The year was 2012 and weeks after the original session lots of surreal shapes

were added to suggest an alien spiritual tribal nature.

IMAG0132  The nearly finished work is juxtapositioned

with the finished version on the right.

Gaye Boston(revisited)

Gaye Boston


Painted and displayed, this work was vandalized with tears to the picture, one of my most important works.

Later repaired with shoe glue and reworked, “Gaye Boston” sold for $600.



Table Top surrealism

Inspired by the exotic

locals and vistas of my travels

with friends and familly