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Life keeps flowing so keep the gates of mind garden open

Life keeps flowing so keep the gates of Mind Gargen openlife keeps flowing so keep the gates of mind garden open

30é40 2013 oil

Surrealism 2013

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Shapes on a lake

IMAG0874 IMAG0873 IMAG0872 IMAG0871








Painted on a found canvas of a rocky lake scene abandoned, Shapes were painted to create a surreal vision that suggested itself when seeing the unfinished work






Coffee in Ajijic, Mexico

IMAG0883 IMAG0880 IMAG0879 IMAG0878IMAG0876IMAG0876















Painted at vanduzer studios with water soluble oil,

this church is located in Ajijic Mexico and is the view

across the street from where We buy coffee with the familly

Nov 13 2013





New T-shirts 2013

There are new photos of recent T-shirts in the section