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Universal space

Circles, Geometry, and Universal space Universal Space 60é48 oil

This large surreal painting

has many different shapes

and details with a colour

scheme to suggest what it

may be like in the depths

of outer space.


Humanity2014Humanity 40é30 oil

This painting is a study of

the human male form with

added line work and shape

to suggest the complexity

of life and what is unknown

about the Universe.


Three Figures contemplating the meaning of Life

Three figure contemplating the meaning of life 2014Three figures contemplating the meaning of Life

2014 60é48 oil

Three models posed for this picture

for six hours each over three weeks

and each model was painted a different

colour background to suggest there

relationship. Later, over many years

surreal line work and shapes were added

around the models to suggest the

miracle and mystery of life.

The shifting sands of time mixed with water divine

The shifting sands of time mixed with water divine 2013The shifting sands of time mixed with water divine

2013 30é40 oil







After watching a challenge on ink master where everyone

had to draw praying hands I decided to paint that motif after

seeing a lighter with praying hands on it. This was meant to

symbolize global warming and a prayer for a clean environment.

The clock is ticking on the hand because of climate change like

the road melting upwards into the sky as a bird rides a bicycle

until there is a split in dimensions. The time of pyramids in the

jungle and unspoiled earth paradise are disturbed when a portal

opens to reveal a magical pristine city. Tragically, this was completed

before Trayvon Martin was slain for defending himself as Trayvon

had gotten a praying hands Tattoo. R.I.P. Trayvon Martin

The security guard who killed him violated direct orders not to

pursue the child into his home which runs contrary to tea kwon do,

the self defence martial art, where you have to listen to your master

or you will be punished which is contrary to his self defence claim

because he did not listen and did not run away to his car and

instead stalked a battle with an unarmed child and killed him

because he was to weak to fight hand to hand and feeble

minded to see the consequences of his actions of some sort

of premeditation of violence.

Dawn in the age of Aquarius

IMAG1603-1Dawn in the Age of Aquarius 2014 30/40/2.5







The curtains to the stage opens to

reveal a magical reality where a giant

Koi Fish, symbol of good luck and long

life and triumph over adversity swims over

an aqueduct which is attached to an interior picture

frame. In the foreground a lotus flower blossoms in a

harsh desert climate close to a cactus at the foot of a

pyramid on a bright day with some clouds. In the picture

frame there is a dark moonlight sky over a valley whose

water begins to flow though the aqueduct sending the whole

picture into movement and scale distortion.

Renewable cargo ship


Water turbines mounted on the side of ship which get covered for ice breaking mode, wind turbine mounted on the back which moves with wind direction, solar panel above cargo bay which opens and seals, able to roll over and remain afloat while keeping crew safe, powered at renewable energy port with water wind and solar turbines, anywhere there is sufficient tidal energy

Wind turbine house and Oil painting in progress





IMAG0600 - CopyIMAG0604 - CopyIMAG0603 - Copy








One of the best of my house designs along with various angles of an oil painting design in progress as of july28 2013




various new works and other details

IMAG0599IMAG0597IMAG0550IMAG0561IMAG0561      A large 75 50 painting was from a studio which discarded it.  This frame weighs about 50 pounds and is thick as well.  The art work is about various spirituality myth explored through visual culture.  Also, as well this work is different because color is used very little.  The title is Plants from inter-planetary sky hook upz and took about one week to finish








IMAG0583IMAG0585   Life keeps going so keep the gates

of mind garden open.

This piece is part 4 of a 4 part series

exploring surrealism of max ernst and frida kahlo.

These works are all 30/40 and done this year 2013.





IMAG0467   IMAG0595dec222012