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Month: December, 2013

New hybrid water turbine idea

IMAG1064 IMAG1065 IMAG1066 IMAG1067






Able to spin in both directions favoring wave strength

curved on either side of blade to predict direction with

turbine mounted on center pole of blade at both middle and base

turbine mounted in the middle designed  for maximizing efficiency


Turbine revolution Ideas for renewable planet


Surrealism 2013

IMAG1013 IMAG1012 IMAG1011 IMAG1011 IMAG1010 IMAG1009 IMAG1008 IMAG1007 IMAG1006 IMAG1005 IMAG1004 IMAG1003 IMAG1002 IMAG1001 IMAG1001 IMAG1000 IMAG0999 IMAG0997 IMAG0996 IMAG0994 IMAG0993 IMAG0992 IMAG0991 IMAG0990 IMAG0989 IMAG0988 IMAG0987 IMAG0986 IMAG0985


IMAG0983 IMAG0982 IMAG0975 IMAG0977 IMAG0974 IMAG0968 IMAG0970 IMAG0971 IMAG0972 IMAG0973 IMAG0967 IMAG0966 IMAG0964 IMAG0963 IMAG0962 IMAG0957 IMAG0958 IMAG0959 IMAG0960 IMAG0961 IMAG0948 IMAG0952 IMAG0953 IMAG0955 IMAG0956 IMAG0946 IMAG0945 IMAG0944 IMAG0943 IMAG0942 IMAG0938 IMAG0939 IMAG0940 IMAG0954 IMAG0941 IMAG0937 IMAG0936

Renewable cargo ship


Water turbines mounted on the side of ship which get covered for ice breaking mode, wind turbine mounted on the back which moves with wind direction, solar panel above cargo bay which opens and seals, able to roll over and remain afloat while keeping crew safe, powered at renewable energy port with water wind and solar turbines, anywhere there is sufficient tidal energy